Other Reports and Surveys

Executive Officers Annual Report AGM 2015 (May ’15)

Treasurer and Membership Annual Reports 2014 (May ’15)

OPA 2011 Members’ Survey (20 April ’12)

OPA 2010 Members’ Survey (5 Feb ’11)

OPA Press Release RPI vs CPI (22 July ’10)

OPA Manifesto for the 2010 General Election (April ’10)

OPA 2009 Members’ Survey (7 Dec ’09)

OPA Press Release: The need for an independent chairman – still remains! (19 Nov ’09)

OPA Press Release: The need for an independent chairman (18 Nov ’09)

OPA Press Release: Personal Accounts Members’ Panel (27 Oct ’09)

OPA Response to article in FT Adviser “Back to the drawing board” by Ros Altmann (9/10/09)

Motivation and Pension Trusteeship Survey Report (University of East Anglia) (25/06/09)

OPA Chairman’s Report for the AGM held 21st May ’09

Executive Officer’s Report for the AGM held 21 May ’09

OPA Response – Tackling Pensioner Poverty in Great Britain (4/03/09)

OPA Response to the Review of Trustee Knowledge and Understanding and understanding code of practice and scope guidance (31/12/08)

OPA Resonse to Payments to the Employer (the “surplus” rules) Discussion Paper (16/10/08)

OPA Survey of Pension Schemes’ Member Nominated Trustees Arrangements (14/10/08)

OPA Response to ASB’s Financial Reporting for Pensions (14/07/08)

OPA Response to TPR Conflicts of Interest (30/05/08)

OPA Chairman’s Annual Report 2008 (28/5/08)

OPA response to TPR consultation Good practice when choosing assumptions for defined benefit pension schemes with a special focus on mortality (12/5/08)

OPA Submission in response to the Financial Assistance Scheme (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2007 (8/10/07)

Report on the Compliance Status of Trustee Boards (20/9/07)

Response to the Governance of Work-based Pension Schemes (13/7/07)

Response to the consultation on the Deregulatory Review of Private Pensions (23/3/07)

Response to the consultation on the Thornton Review (23/03/07)

Written Response to Work and Pensions Committee Inquiry into “The Government’s Proposals for Personal Accounts” (15/1/07)

Written Response to Security in retirement: Towards a new pensions system (15/1/07)

OPA briefing – Second Reading of the Pensions Bill 2007 (15/1/07)

Comments on the Pensions Bill by Roger Turner (2/12/06)