Previous Regional and AGM Meetings

Please note: OPA Regional meetings are open to all pensioners – membership of an OPA association is not required to attend and that, unless otherwise stated, they are held at The Studio, The Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury-on-Thames.

London & South Eastern Region:


November 30th 2022 – Special Meeting held to close down OPA. Presentation by Eric Champion.

May 12th 2022 – Presentation by Barnett Waddingham – Jack Sharman. Slides available, Click to access.

March 3rd 2022 – Presentation by Barnett Waddingham – Inflation impact on Pensions. Slides available, Click to access.


December 9th 2021 – Presentation by Pensions Ombudsman – Mairi Dearden. Slides available, Click to access.

March 16th 2021 – Occupational Pension Buyouts and RPI/CPI issues Zoom Presentation. Slides available, Click to access.


October 22nd 2020 – Zoom Presentation by Pensions Protection Fund. Slides available, Click to access.
        What the ECJ Hampshire ruling means for you.
        Court confirms Hampshire methodology is permissible.
        Next steps after court ruling on Hampshire methodology.
        ECJ judgment in PSV v Bauer.

March 12th 2020 – Presentation by Mark Fielder of British Airways Pensioners on “Airways Pension Scheme (APS)”. Slides available, Click to access.


October 31st 2019 – Presentation by Erica Carroll of The Pensions Regulator on “Supervision and Enforcement”. Slides available, Click to access.

July 18th 2019 – Presentation by Richard Williams of Clara Pensions on “DB Pension Consolidation”. Slides available, Click to access.

May 28th 2019 – Presentation by Mairi Spiby from the Pensions Ombudsman Service on “The Pensions Ombudsman – an update”. Slides available, Click to access.

March 7th 2019 – “PPF Presentation on the current situation regarding current cases and outcomes” – various presenters and contributors. Slides available, Click to access.


October 12th 2018 – Presentation on the House of Lords Inquiry into RPI index – Peter Austin, John Scholey, and Richard Gibson from Barnett Waddingham. Slides available, Click to access.

July 12th 2018 – Presentation by Mairi Spiby from the Pensions Ombudsman Service on “Simplifying the customer journey in disputes”. Slides available, Click to Access.

February 15th 2018 – Presentation by Huw Evans on ‘The Professional Trustee Role and the Current and Future Pension Challenges in 2018″ – no slides


October 26th 2017 – Presentation by the PPF, Staff comprising Richard Williams, Head of Corporate Affairs, Malcolm Weir, Director, Restructuring and Insolvency, Click to Access.

May 4th 2017 – Presentation by Nicola Parish, Director of Front Line Regulations, The Pensions Regulator on Special Procedures and Enforcement. Slides available, Click to Access.

February 16th 2017 –  Presentations by Halcrow Engineers on its Pension dispute by Edward Evans and its Case history and Hewlett Packard by Steve Spillane on Indexation of Pensions and its Case history. No slides available except a short paper on its Complaint to UK MP’s.


October 27th 2016 Review of Various Submissions to The Select Committee for Work and Pensions: OPA Submission. Click to access.

July 28th 2016 Hugh Evans of BESTrustees presented and discussed Pension Issues and Concerns arising from the Brexit decision – No slides.

February 18th 2016 Xaffinity Presentation on Liability Driven Investment’ by Ben Gold & Paul Darlow. Slides available, Click to access.


October 29th 2015 Richard Williams head of Corporate Affairs Pension Protection Fund (PPF) on the operations and progress made by his organisation since the last presentation in February 2014 – Update Report. Click to access

July 16th 2015 David Gardiner from Aon Hewitt on “The Ending of Contracting Out provisions for Defined Benefit schemes in April 2016.” Click to access.

May 28th 2015 Malcolm McLean on Pension Changes and Freedoms from 2015. Click to access.

February 19th 2015 David Collinson of Pension Insurance Corporation on “Buy-Ins and Buy-Outs”. Slides available, Click to access.


October 16th 2014 Presentations by Steven Rimmer of Swiss Re on Longevity Risk and Longevity Swaps and Huw Evans of now of Best Trustees on the subject of an Update on the Draft EU Directive from the European Commission (IORP 11). Click to access.

July 17th 2014 Pensions Regulator Presentation on Revised Code of Practice. Fiona Frobisher as speaker and presenter. Click to access.  Regulator has requested that this presentation is not redistributed or edited.

May 8th 2014  Towers Watson presentation to OPA AGM on Pensions Regulation and the March Budget 2014 Pension and Annuity Changes. Click to access. Copyright restriction, see page 18.

February 20th 2014  David Taylor of the Pensions Protection Fund presentation on Current practice and Restructuring arrangements. Slides available: Click to access.


July 25th 2013  Spencer Bowen of Towers Watson presentation on Investment Principles.  Slides available: Click to access

February 21st 2013.  Malcolm Booth Chief Executive of NFOP Presentation to discuss the implications of the recent White Paper and Legislation on the proposed changes to State Pensions in the Future and by 2017.


July and November Meetings in 2012 held at Lower Sunbury covered the initial and concluding dialogue and presentations in respect of OPA and its Future which has now been decided so that OPA continues to conduct its affairs and meetings independently but also becomes a subgroup within the NFOP structure from April 2013.

16th February ’12: Huw Evans (of Towers Watson) on Solvency 11 (IORP 2)


3rd Nov ’11: Jill Leyland, Vice president of the Royal Statistical Society and Chair of the RSS National Statistics Working Party, on “Problems in measuring UK inflation”. Slides are available here.

21st July ’11: Tamara Finkelstein on “Lord Hutton’s Independent Public Service Pensions Commission: Public service pensions: the case for reform” for which she was Head of Secretariat. Slides are available here.

1st March ’11: OPA co-sponsored meeting at House of Commons, Westminster: RPI to CPI – Indexation of State Pensions and Public Service Pensions

17th February ’11: Martin Jenkins, Head of UK Pensions and Partner at solicitors, DWF LLP, on “Legal aspects of the switch to CPI“. Martin has now kindly provided us with briefing notes which have been circulated to all member associations on the OPA Googlegroup and these should be regarded as “confidential to members” only. If any member has not received these notes please e-mail me.


23rd Nov’10: OPA co-sponsored conference, at Hamilton House, London: “Putting a Price on Pensions: The Cost of the CPI”. Slides from the Royal Statistical Society presentation are available here.

28 Oct ’10: Louise Inward, Group Legal Counsel with the Pension Insurance Corporation, on insuring pension risks and the CPI v RPI. Slides are available here.

22 July ’10: Richard Butcher from Pitman Trustees on the new Association of Nominated Trustees & Directors

18th February ’10: Richard Williams, Head of Parliamentary and Stakeholder Affairs and Paul Reynolds, Director of Corporate Affairs, from the Pensions Protection Fund. Slides are available here.


29th October: Fiona Frobisher, Head of Regulatory Policy at The Pensions Regulator. Slides are available here (3Mb)

16th July: Alan Pickering, CBE on “The Role of the Independent Trustee“.

10th February: Catherine Howarth, CEO of FairPensions


23rd October: Adrian Bourne and Hugh Evans of Watson Wyatt on “Scheme Specific Funding and Covenant Assessment“. Slides are available here (0.7Mb)

17th July: Margaret Snowdon, Operations Director of Lucida plc, on the defined benefit pension buy-out market and the market for bulk annuities. Slides are available here.(0.3Mb)

27th March: Peter Walker, Director of Delivery, Pension Protection Fund. Slides are available here (0.9Mb).


25th October: Adrian Gallop, Office for National Statistics, on “Mortality Improvements and Life Expectancy“. Slides on application to webmaster.

19th July: Malcolm McLean, Chief Executive, The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) on “Current Pension Issues“. Slides available from OPA Googlegroup – see Note left.

15th Feb: Philip Hammond MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Work & Pensions, spoke on “Occupational Pensions” and Tim Evans, a Consulting Actuary, spoke on “Investment Strategy in Mature Pension Funds“.  Slides available here.